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You known you are a missionary in Africa when…

October 31, 2007

Well, the last couple of days have been quite interesting. Yesterday I went to look at motorbikes with Denis a man who works here in Kampala with Navs. We found one that I really liked a TTR 250R Yamaha (I’ll attach a pic later). The bike had just come in that day in pieces on a container from Japan. I think that it’s a 1997 or 98. It is in such good condition. I had them put a new tire on the back because it was in need of a knobby. The roads here are muddy and you need a good rear tire. Anyway, I told the shop yesterday that I would be back around 11am to look at the bike again. There were a few things that they needed to do to it. I went back at 11 this morning with Denis and Herbert (the Navs man whom I am staying with). They told us a few more hours and it would be done. So around 6pm the bike was complete and running well. IT TOOK THE ENTIRE DAY!! I was talking to my Pastor back home this summer and he told me that life as a missionary, especially in Africa, would contain such moments as these. Truer words have never been spoken…Anyway I decided to drive the bike back to Herbert’s place instead of renting a truck to haul it there. I wanted to save money. So Herbert got on the back and we were off. Let me tell you, when we left the shop it was rush hour and it was jam packed in the city. Also driving on the other side of the road was a bit confusing for the first couple of miles then I got used to it. The ends of the roads were the hardest for me because I was always looking the wrong way. I think that I went on the sidewalk at one point to avoid hitting a car. Minor problem. It is a sweet bike and very very fast. It’s a four stroke engine so it has a lot of power but without the jumpy 2 stroke habits. Herbert and I were stuck in some traffic and so I would go in between the two lanes around cars. Sort of tight but we made it alright. Then it happened…we stalled…BUMMER!! We couldn’t get it running again so we called the shop and they sent a man to come pick it from us and take it back to the shop. I will hopefully get it tomorrow or the next day. You are able to drive here even without a number plate. It should be processed for me in about a week or so. Then I will have a number plate and a tax number which I need in order to register the bike.


The next thing that happened that made me realize I was in Africa was receiving a call from Jim Robinette, who works with ACTION here in Kampala. He told me that Candis Bingham up in Gulu is very sick and we won’t be traveling to Gulu for at least another week. It was ok to hear because my bike still isn’t’ ready and I really enjoy Kampala!

 I would like to talk briefy about Herbert Kabogoza and his wife Natasha. They are very heavily involved here with Navigators and are doing such a God honoring job at sharing Christ with the Ugandans here at Makarere University. I wanted to let those who read these updates know about a need that Herbert has. Herbert is in need of a vehicle. One can get around using public transportation, however to go a distance of about 5 miles it would take about 3 times as long in a public taxi. It takes Herbert roughly 1 and a half hours to get most places, with a car it would take about a third of the time. Also, he would be able to use it for a variety of ministry opportunities. He has already started funding for a vehicle and currently has $300 dollars for one. He is hoping to raise $5000 which would buy a very used third hand car! Would you please pray with me, Herbert and Natasha for this need that he has? Also if as you are praying about this need you feel in any way compelled to give financially to help Herbert out would you please let me know? ( It would be such a great blessing to Herbert. Even if you were to give $25 dollars to help out it would be soooo huge. Please keep your heart open and see how God would choose to use you in this way. Thank you so much. 

Please pray:

-That my bike gets fixed soon and they can process the number plates in time for me to take it to Gulu.

-That Candis’s health would improve and she would be healed quickly.

-The ministry here in Kampala with the Navigators. They are doing such great solid work here. It’s sooo encouraging.


Thank you for all of your prayers and your support. I know that there are people praying for me and the ministry that i am involved in. There is so much power in prayer!! Please continue to pray for me and the ministry here.


Until the nets are full,

Adam Hussey


PS- My jet lag is almost completely gone!! Mukama Yebazibwe for that!!!


Preaching in Africa!

October 30, 2007

As most of you were aware, I preached this past Sunday at a church here in Kampala. I was asked to preach by a man whom I met in Seattle, WA. He is the senior pastor of Eden Revival Church in Kampala. I jumped at the opportunity to share the Word of God with the Ugandan people. The first service was an english service that went from 8am-10am. I preached from 9am-10am. Then the second service was in Luganda and was from 10am-1am. I preached from 12:15pm-1pm.
When I was in Uganda a year and a half ago I noticed that a lot of Ugandans gravitated towards the televangelists. They are poor and don’t have much so when they hear people like Joel Olsteen talk about “Your Best Life Now” many of the Ugandans are attracted to it. It is a very bad thing because these Ugandans spend more time reading these televangelists books and watching their TV programs than the Word of God. My message was on Acts 3:1-7. I also talked about 2 Timothy 4:3-4. It went so well. It challenged many of the people. Several people approached me after the service and thanked me for spending the time to share with them something that is so relevant to the culture of today. They also told me that it was refreshing to hear a message like the one I preached, because many of the messages at the churches here in Kampala are all about healing and miracles and how God is going to bless you abundantly. They told me that it was really powerful that a Mzungu (white person) would come and share the type of message that I did. There were about 200 people in the first service and about 400 in the second service. It was so great.

Thank you for all of your prayers and your support. I love hearing from you as some of you have emailed me back. Thank you so much.
Until the nets are full,
Adam Hussey

Out of Touch…

October 30, 2007

I guess I am really out of touch with life back home. I just found out that my Bo-Sox won the World Series and it is Tuesday noontime here in Uganda!! I am in the Navigator office here in Kampala and I read the email from my sister and I was soooo excited to hear that they won!

Today has been a good day thus far. Last night however is another story. At about 2:30 am I was woke up to the sound of about a dozen dogs barking at the flat where I am staying. I heard one dog yelping over and over again like it was being attacked or something. After about 15 minutes of this the yelping stopped and became very faint. So I asked Herbert (Navigator staff leader in Uganda) the next morning what he thought was going on. He told me that most likely they ganged up on this one dog and killed it. Probably because the other dogs were hungry and desperate for food so they preyed upon the weakest dog that was around. Another thing that Herbert told me is that they don’t usually bury dogs here. When the dog dies they put it in the garbage, which is usually on the sides of the streets!! That is why there is much disease here because of the rotting and decaying animals and trash. A lot different than the states. In the states we pamper our animals more than humans.

I then woke up at 5:30 am to the sound of the “Call to Prayer” from the nearby Muslim temple. It amazes me that 5 times a day they have these calls to prayer and they are projected through loudspeakers and everyone in Kampala can hear them. Each time I hear them I pray against the evil that is there in Kampala. There is much evil here.

Please Pray:
-For Uganda and that Christ would continue to move in this place.
-For me as I move up to Gulu Thursday morning.
-That God would continue to give me grace during my time here in Uganda.
-For my health. As of now it is great, but I know that it is easy to fall sick here in this environment.

Well, I am going to let others use the net here in the Nav office. More later.

Until the nets are full,
Adam Hussey

I have arrived!!

October 27, 2007

Dear Family and Friends,


I have finally made it to Uganda! I had some issues in the beginning of last week with my paper tickets so I was delayed a few days. However, I arrived in Uganda last night @ 8:15pm. My friends Herbert and his wife Natasha, and Samson picked me up from the Entebbe airport. It was great to see them again after 1 and a half years.


I am currently staying with Herbert and Natasha until I go up to Gulu sometime mid next week. It is great to be back here in Uganda.


It really hasn’t hit me yet that I will be here for the next two years. I cancelled my cell phone before I left last week so that helped a little bit, as well as flying out of Logan Airport. As I was taking off in Logan I looked out the window as watched as the lights of Boston got smaller and smaller. I knew that I was not going to be coming back for some time.


I met a man two weeks ago at Mission’s Fest in Seattle. ACTION had a booth there and I helped to talk with people who came by. I met a man from Uganda who oversees 70 churches in the East Africa area. He asked me if I would be willing to speak at one of his churches in Kampala. I gladly accepted the opportunity to share with the Ugandans what God has called me to do the next two years. Please pray for me, as I will be speaking tomorrow at Eden Revival Church in Kampala. The first service is about 2 hours long in English. The second service is about 3 hours and it is in Luganda. I will have a translator that will help me relate my message to the church. Please pray that I will speak with conviction and passion as I share God’s word with these people.


I want to thank all of you who are involved with my ministry here in Uganda. God has already been placing within me a heart for service here. I look forward to heading up to Gulu next week to begin helping out at ACTION there.


I now have a phone number. It is 0775-230-237. To call it from the states you must use +256 before dialing my number. It is quite expensive to call from the states.


Please keep checking up on my blog site as I will continue to post things on it as I have time. I would like to use the blog as the main way to keep all of you updated on what God is doing here in Uganda. It is much more difficult to send out an email to everyone on my list. Posting things to my blog site is easier.

If you would like to send me email please use Thank you.

Please pray:

-That God would use me in a powerful way tomorrow as I speak at Eden Revival.

-That God would continue to give me strength and perseverance during my time here in Uganda.

-That I wouldn’t get burnt out after a short time and that I would pace myself.

-That the Word of God and the Gospel of Christ would advance here in Uganda and that it would penetrate the hearts and minds of the Ugandans here that so desperately need to hear the truth.


Until the nets are full,

Adam Hussey

Serving in Gulu, Uganda

Action International Ministries



The Return

October 19, 2007

I wanted to share a video with everyone. This video was taken in the Nairobi Airport after my trip to Uganda in 2006. I went to Kampala, Uganda for 6 weeks with another man named Luke to work with The Navigators at a University there. In this video I talk about maybe returning to Uganda. In three days I will be starting the journey back there.

Leaving on a jet plane…

October 16, 2007

Well my time here in Seattle has come to an end. I was able to eat dinner with Walt last night and had a great time of fellowship with him. I am currently at the ACTION office for my last Tuesday morning Bible study. This Bible study has been great, even though it’s at 6:30 am!!

Looking back on my time here in Seattle brings nothing but smiles to my face. I was so blessed to be a part of the team here at ACTION. I learned a lot, grew a lot in my faith and made some really great friends. It will be necessary at times to look back on these two months and remember God’s faithfulness and direction in this time of my life. I know that there will be many hard times ahead in Uganda, but I know, I know that God will see me through and will be walking with me all the way. He goes before us, comes in behind us and is with us all along the way!! Praise God for His faithfulness and His love that endures forever!!

Voice In Africa…

October 13, 2007

My name is Adam Hussey and I currently work for a missions organization called “Action International Ministries”( I am going to be spending the next two years in Gulu northern Uganda working with ex-boy soldiers. If you have seen the movie “Invisible Children” then you know a little bit about the history of these soldiers. These boys were abducted at a very young age and taught how to kill starting with their own families. Also young girls are abducted and forced to become sex slaves for the men in the army. It’s a very scary, and sad thing that is happening in Gulu. I will be working with men from the ages of 18 to 30 who have once been in this rebel army but have since been either freed, or have escaped. This blog is dedicated to connecting you the ministry that I will have in Gulu. I hope to share with you my fears, joys, and trials and tribulations along the way as I learn more about who God is and how to do missions in this area of the World. Thank you to all of those who are praying for me and those of you who are supporting me financially in this ministry. -Until The Nets Are Full