Ministry Update

Dear Family and Friends,

Things are going so well here in Gulu. The leaders of the Youth For Truth Ministry are meeting weekly now to discuss plans on how to reach all of the schools in Gulu for Christ. We are holding another meeting tomorrow to discuss mobilizing student leaders in a few schools that we will minister to this month. We are excited at this opportunity to share Christ in these schools and let them know that there is hope, love and truth out there. Within the next two to three years we want to share the Gospel in all of the schools in Gulu. This includes elementary, Jr. High, Sr. High and University level schools. We believe God for big things! Please pray with us that this will happen for the Glory of God the Father!

We have written a brief statement of what this ministry is. “Youth For Truth” seeks to minister God’s word to students and conduct discipleship classes, address moral issues including HIV/AIDS and sexuality, Christian leadership development and video ministry with the students, especially Scripture Union.

As a part of this ministry we will be showing videos as a way to evangelize, train and equip these students. ACTION already has a PA system, mixing board, speakers, and a screen. We will use these materials to share Christ with these students. As most of you already know I graduated from College with a degree in Communication Studies. Part of my schooling dealt with videography, and video editing. I believe God had me learn these things to prepare me for this ministry. As I have this ability to do these things I am in need of a few items to help assist me in this endeavor. I have purchased a camera and editing software, which will be used to film and edit the movies, we will be creating. Along with the camera and software I still need a few more items. I am trusting God to supply $5000 dollars which would cover the expenses of the rest of the items. Along with using this in the schools to show the students I will be able to film a new updated documentary of ACTION Gulu, promo videos that will encourage short-term and long-term missionaries to come serve here in Gulu, and also to film each of our ministries individually and highlight their specific needs. This material is much needed and will be a huge blessing to this ministry. Would you please pray about being involved in this special project? I would ask that you consider partnering with us in this video ministry.

If you are able to give to this special project please send donations to Action International Ministries, PO Box 398, Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043. Please add a note that specifies that it is a donation for the “Video Special Project.”

I am aware that there are so many ministries and things to donate to. I would greatly appreciate any help that you may be able to offer this ministry. Thank you so much.

Til the nets are full,

Adam Hussey


2 Responses to “Ministry Update”

  1. The Triba Family Says:

    Hi Adam,

    We will be praying for you. How terrific you can use your college degree in your ministry. I kind of get to do the same thing with home schooling. I went for psychology/ special ed and elementary. I get to minister to my children and teach them about Jesus and Salvation and Stuff. It is really amazing how God is working in my life and theirs too. And yours and ACTION Internation.

    Love in Christ, Carolyn

  2. Wednesday Morning Prayer Warrior Says:

    Hi Adam,

    I am praying for you everyday, especially on Wednesday morning at the prayer group at Tantasqua.

    You are role model to me. i love what you do for Christ and I can’t wait until I am old enough to be a missionary to different countries, especially China.

    I miss you.

    Love in Christ, Sarah Bessette

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