It’s been a while…

Dear family and friends,
First of all let me apologize for not keeping you informed about what has been going on the last month or so. I ended my orientation here so that put a little bit more into my daily and weekly schedule. Youth for Truth is going very well. We are visiting 2 schools a week with follow-up to each of these schools several days after we minister there. God is using me in this ministry as well as the other pastors that I visit the schools with. It’s quite the harvest here and people are hungry for truth and for growing in their walk with Christ. So praise Jesus for that!!
The other missionary on our team, Angie, was broken into two weeks ago. The thiefs broke a bar off from her window and climbed in WHILE SHE WAS HOME!!! It was about 1 am so she was asleep. They took a few things one being her laptop. The laptop itself is replaceable but the information inside was precious. She had been working on a lot of language material for ACTION Gulu, so she will have to start some of that from scratch again. Thankfully she was not harmed in any way. The people have said that thiefs here usually kill when they rob a house. So praise God for His protection over Angie’s life! God isn’t done using her yet for sure!
Also, my internet has been down here for the last 11 days so emailing and blogging had pretty much come to a halt because of that. Internet is back on and working well now though (knocks on wood).
I had a friend named Josh from the US come visit. He is my youth pastors older brother. Most of you know Isaac Rattin and his brother Josh. Josh and his wife are thinking of becoming full-time missionaries and are looking into where they would want to serve. He wanted to come and check out ACTION Gulu and see what the ministry is like here. It was so encouraging to see him and spend a day with him. It was a quick visit but well worth it! Please pray for Josh and his wife Abby as they pursue God’s will for their future.
I pray daily for you all. I am so thankful that He has given me such a strong supporting church and family. I love you all and will write again soon. I promise 🙂
til the nets are full,
Adam Hussey


3 Responses to “It’s been a while…”

  1. The Triba Family Says:

    Welcome back Adam,

    I did get updates on your status from your parents. However I did not realize it was Angie who had been broken into. It was wonderful that God placed right next door. It is so good to hear about what has been happening in Africa. And really great that Josh came for a visit. I will pray for Josh and Angie and their ministry. We will keep on praying for you and Isabel always prays for you and Eve at mealtimes. It is such a blessing that she is a prayer warrior even at the age of 7. She is working on a card to put in your package. Sorry it not been put in the mail yet. My intentions are always good, but sometimes it takes me awhile. I guess that is how God works. It is 1:30 and I am going to make lunch. We are all feeling hungry. I hope you are adjusting to the food. I can’t imagine what a change of life it must be. But definitely a great sacrifice. Can you tell I would love to have the opportunity to be in your shoes? Well I know God is using me here in a mighty way and maybe He will give me the opportunity to travel and minister for Him. AMEN

    Love in Christ, Carolyn

  2. Aimee Says:

    Hey, I hope that all is well with you guys there. Candis told me about Angie’s and I was worried. The devil has had a few attacks on me and my family as well since I have been back, it’s been insane but there is nothing better than knowing that we are covered in the blood. How is everyone doing there? please pass my greetings to them, and let them know that I pray for them, that God continues to strengthen them and keeps on covering them with his protection, and his love and his grace. Greetings to Angie and tell her that she is in my prayers as well.

  3. Greg Laplante Says:

    Hey buddy, thanks for the update! Wish I could fill you in on everything this past year, but I guess this will have to do. Do you remember Peter Alpert? He’s going to Uganda this summer for a missions trip.

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