Rubber Bands









I’ve heard it said that being in missions is likened to that of a rubber band. Actually, it was my director Jerry Bingham that told me this. Let me give you a fun activity to do so that we are on the same page henceforth. Take a rubber band, not an overly large one (unless you have hands like a bunch of bananas or something), and try to put the rubber band over your hand and onto your wrist without stretching the rubber band…. how did you do? I know the answer because I tried it about 30 seconds ago. It didn’t go over to well…no pun intended. The rubber band would be useless unless you stretch it. It is ineffective unless one uses it for the reason it was invented. Let me share something that happened to me today so I can really hit this home.

Upon arriving at the ACTION office this morning I was asked if I would be willing to drive Justin (Children’s ministry worker) to the local hospital to pick up an elderly woman from his church. After asking a few questions about her I found out that she was about 70 years old, a diabetic and that I was to take her home so that she could be with her family when she passed away. It was only a matter of time Justin told me. We pulled into the hospital drive way and proceeded to the wing that she was in. I want to interject at this point that I really have a hard time with hospitals. So much so that when my father would come home with leftovers from his hospice meetings I was unable to pull myself together enough to take one single bite. The hospitals in the US compared to this Gulu, free care hospital looked like the Ritz. Here is where the stretching part comes in. I walk into the hospital wing and am punched in the face with an assortment of smells and sights. I ask the Lord to give me strength to do this. I know I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength (Philippians 4:13). He grants this to me and I proceed inside to help Justin and his pastor with this woman. She is put into the car and we are off. The roads were bumpy, rough, and filled with puddles. It felt like an eternity going from the hospital to her house. She never spoke, her eyes never opened and her head was going from side to side with each and every bump. Her granddaughter was in the way back trying to hold back tears, but failing to do so. No one ever said a word. Every person we passed stopped walking or biking and followed our vehicle with their eyes until we were out of their sight. We approached her house and carried her into her small hut at which time several other elderly ladies came and entered the hut to pray and cry with the granddaughter. We left.

I share this with you because if you are not being stretched you will never know the Christ giving strength that He grants to those who are His and who are obedient to Him. I am so thankful that He gave me the strength to stretch and help this woman out. My director also told me that when you stretch a rubber band too far it would break. I have also tried this and it works! He went on to tell me that if you stretch yourself too far you would break. It’s not God who stretches you to that point, it’s you! The bible says that God will never give you more than you can handle. I am thankful that God allowed me to experience this stretching today and to know full well that He follows through with what He says.

Are you being stretched? Have you stretched yourself too far? Ask God to give you opportunities that stretch you so that you may take part in what awesome things He has for you. Remember a rubber band is ineffective unless it is stretched. But also remember that its also ineffective if its stretched too far.

The Lord bless you. I pray for you all that you may know the power that is in Christ and the joy that is found in serving Him.

Til the nets are full,
Adam Hussey
PO Box 656
Gulu, Uganda
East Africa


3 Responses to “Rubber Bands”

  1. Kara Emily Krantz Says:

    I adore this. Beautiful writing you have here. The story-telling aspect of it is very powerful. It would make for an excellent sermon.

    “I share this with you because if you are not being stretched you will never know the Christ giving strength that He grants to those who are His and who are obedient to Him.”

    This was my favorite part. Your illustration of the rubber band worked wonderfully. I was able to really grasp what you were saying – and you weren’t merely preaching the idea – you were living it yourself. You admit your weaknesses, and openly ask for strength to overcome that. That is a beautiful quality, and one we should all work on.

    I will think of this story the next time I feel the need to be “stretched.” We should stretch ourself a little more each day (but not even to break).

  2. The Triba Family Says:

    I pray that GOd stretches me today in my walk especially with my children. Who are calling me right as I write. So I will just say thank you for reminding me that I need to let Christ stretch me today!
    Love in Christ, Carolyn

  3. dana Says:

    Thanks for the post.
    I’m sure there are many who need to hear it.
    (like me.)

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