I was told today by Justin that the woman we brought from the hospital to her house on Friday passed away. Only a few hours after we brought her home she passed away. Please pray for this woman’s family as they are now dealing with this loss.

This past week we have had a couple from Canada come and visit ACTION Gulu. A young couple my age. Richard and Joy Sayer. They have been really involved with our ministries here which has been a great thing to see. Richard, the husband, plays futbol back in Canada so he wanted to play some here before they departed. They are leaving tomorrow morning. So I took him down to the wash bay where I go a few times a week to share Christ with about 40 street kids who are either orphaned or their parents cannot pay for their food so they wash vehicles, or they are just stubborn and don’t care enough to attend school. Richard and I brought a futbol to them today so that we could kick it around for a little bit. Upon arriving they all stopped what they were doing and headed over to the field right near the washing area. It was about 10 on 10 with around 20 on the sidelines looking on. I have a knee injury so I sat out. I was able to share Christ with the ones on the sidelines while Richard goal tended for the “shirts” team.

As I was looking out over the field I thought of the freedom that this children must feel. For this hour or so they don’t have to think about cars to wash, how they are going to get money for some little food to eat, not being in school, etc. They are free. They are just being kids, playing futbol, laughing and jumping and…being kids!! It was great to see this. Now, I could’ve just had them experience that freedom and take the ball and go home. But how could I leave them knowing physical freedom without being told again about spiritual freedom as well. How much more important is it for these children to know about freedom from sin and freedom in Christ?!? I have shared Christ with these children several times before, but there were definitely some that hadn’t heard it. I told Okello, one of the boys that the rest look up to, to gather all of the boys because I had something to share with them. They all came and sat down in front of me. Let me say that this may not seem like much to you, but to me and to Richard who was there it meant a lot. These street children, orphaned boys between the ages of 10 and 19 were sitting quietly in front of me as I shared about Christ and what He has done in my life. In the US it is hard to get children this age to sit still and they don’t have these hard life issues that these boys do here. After sharing with them Richard and I left by shaking each children’s hand saying “Lubanga mediguum medit!” Lord bless you abundantly. It was a great day!

Please continue to pray for these street children and for me as I continue to share Christ with them.

I thank you all for your prayers and support of this ministry. Lord bless you all!!

Til the nets are full,
Adam Hussey


One Response to “Futbol!”

  1. The Triba Family Says:

    Hi Adam,

    Thank you so much for that story. I can see so clearly how God is working in you each and every time you write.
    Love in Christ, Carolyn

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