Update on Adam

First of all let me say that I am very sorry about not writing and updating my blog in the last few months. With that said here is an update for you all.

It has been a crazy last couple of months. In early June I got a rash on my body that later on I found out was just from working hard and the heat. At that point I had no idea what it was. Three days after the rash appeared I began to get flu like symptoms, nausea, headaches, fevers. These symptoms began to get worse as the days progressed. After about a week and a half the symptoms were almost unbearable, 105 temp, vomiting from the migraines that lasted 5-6 hrs, pain all over my body, vision blurry because of the headaches. It was terrible. My director told me to go to a clinic in Gulu and get tested for malaria. I did so and was tested negative and the doctor said that it couldn’t be malaria because you don’t get a rash with malaria. So for the next several days I continued just taking tylenol which didn’t help much. My symptoms didn’t decrease at all. So my director told me that we should book a ticket and get me to the states so that i can get some answers as to what is the problem. I had a ticket for July 2nd which was a wednesday but i wanted to head down to Kampala (capital city) and stay with some friends there before i flew out. So the sat. before i flew out i traveled down to Kampala. Well, Sunday came and I got another migraine and fever. I couldn’t walk at this point too well, couldn’t see and i was extremely dizzy. so two of my friends carried me to a clinic to get proper blood-work done. it came back positive for malaria. the doctor asked me how long i’ve felt this way and when i told him for over 3 wks he told me that he was surprised that i was alive. they gave me a shot of anti-malaria medicine and gave me a prescription which i took for the next 7 days. I was healthy enough to fly home (praise God) and saw a doctor the next day in Worcester. That doctor told me that if I hadn’t gone to that travel clinic in Kampala i would’ve died within the week. So i am soooo thankful that the Lord has spared my life and that there is more He wants me to do! It was crazy though lying in bed in Gulu wondering if you are going to die and asking the Lord, “I am only 25 and if you want to take me home that is ok because I know whether we live or whether we die we are the Lords, but I would like to do more for you Lord!” I had some really intimate times with the Lord. So to me Romans 8:28 is soooo real to me. I know that He used this experience for the good! 

I am doing well currently. I am encouraged and gaining weight and strength back so praise God for that! 

til the nets are full,


3 Responses to “Update on Adam”

  1. Caceres Family Says:

    Wow, what a difficult couple of months. What a relief to hear that you are home and getting the treatment you need. We are praying for your quick recovery.

  2. The Triba Family Says:

    Hi Adam,>:-)

    I don’t know if you are still here or have left again, but Praise God for all that He has sustained you through.

    We just came home from Cape Cod almost a week ago. We did get to church SUnday, but still feeling out of touch with our church family, so this Sunday will be more settling.

    If you are still around maybe we will see you.

    You are in our prayers, Carolyn

  3. preparedcitizens Says:

    Hi Adam,
    You may not remember me from HCC but I follow your blog. It’s great to see you are blogging again and I sure am glad that God has kept you with us. Say “hi” to your mom and dad for us.

    All for His glory,
    Cathy and Charlie Mitchell


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