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October 13, 2008

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Update on Adam

August 1, 2008

First of all let me say that I am very sorry about not writing and updating my blog in the last few months. With that said here is an update for you all.

It has been a crazy last couple of months. In early June I got a rash on my body that later on I found out was just from working hard and the heat. At that point I had no idea what it was. Three days after the rash appeared I began to get flu like symptoms, nausea, headaches, fevers. These symptoms began to get worse as the days progressed. After about a week and a half the symptoms were almost unbearable, 105 temp, vomiting from the migraines that lasted 5-6 hrs, pain all over my body, vision blurry because of the headaches. It was terrible. My director told me to go to a clinic in Gulu and get tested for malaria. I did so and was tested negative and the doctor said that it couldn’t be malaria because you don’t get a rash with malaria. So for the next several days I continued just taking tylenol which didn’t help much. My symptoms didn’t decrease at all. So my director told me that we should book a ticket and get me to the states so that i can get some answers as to what is the problem. I had a ticket for July 2nd which was a wednesday but i wanted to head down to Kampala (capital city) and stay with some friends there before i flew out. So the sat. before i flew out i traveled down to Kampala. Well, Sunday came and I got another migraine and fever. I couldn’t walk at this point too well, couldn’t see and i was extremely dizzy. so two of my friends carried me to a clinic to get proper blood-work done. it came back positive for malaria. the doctor asked me how long i’ve felt this way and when i told him for over 3 wks he told me that he was surprised that i was alive. they gave me a shot of anti-malaria medicine and gave me a prescription which i took for the next 7 days. I was healthy enough to fly home (praise God) and saw a doctor the next day in Worcester. That doctor told me that if I hadn’t gone to that travel clinic in Kampala i would’ve died within the week. So i am soooo thankful that the Lord has spared my life and that there is more He wants me to do! It was crazy though lying in bed in Gulu wondering if you are going to die and asking the Lord, “I am only 25 and if you want to take me home that is ok because I know whether we live or whether we die we are the Lords, but I would like to do more for you Lord!” I had some really intimate times with the Lord. So to me Romans 8:28 is soooo real to me. I know that He used this experience for the good! 

I am doing well currently. I am encouraged and gaining weight and strength back so praise God for that! 

til the nets are full,

Discipleship Matters!

May 1, 2008

from, Skovia, Kavin, Simon, Winnie and Pastor George Brown

This month “Youth for Truth” is having a four-week discipleship class that we made available to 10 schools and 10 churches. We invited students to come once a week for an intro to discipleship and to study four foundational doctrines of the Christian faith. We were expected many to come, however today was Labor Day here in Uganda so many students expected the office to be closed. We did have four students that did show up. We had some tea, chapati’s (tortilla like bread) and some sausages. We then met for one and a half hours discussing discipleship. We talked about what discipleship is, how we are to learn from Christ’s example, and what difference that makes in our lives. We then began to go through a discipleship booklet series that the Holland Congregational Church wrote. We got about half way through salvation today which we will finish next week. We are excited to see God work in the lvies of these students as they learn and grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ.

Please pray for the Youth for Truth ministry that we could do the work that the Lord has for us and that we would do it all for His glory and our good. Please also pray for the four students that came today, Skovia, Simon, Kavin, and Winnie.

Thank you for your partnership with us in this ministry. To God be the glory!!

Til the nets are full,
Adam Hussey


April 15, 2008

I was told today by Justin that the woman we brought from the hospital to her house on Friday passed away. Only a few hours after we brought her home she passed away. Please pray for this woman’s family as they are now dealing with this loss.

This past week we have had a couple from Canada come and visit ACTION Gulu. A young couple my age. Richard and Joy Sayer. They have been really involved with our ministries here which has been a great thing to see. Richard, the husband, plays futbol back in Canada so he wanted to play some here before they departed. They are leaving tomorrow morning. So I took him down to the wash bay where I go a few times a week to share Christ with about 40 street kids who are either orphaned or their parents cannot pay for their food so they wash vehicles, or they are just stubborn and don’t care enough to attend school. Richard and I brought a futbol to them today so that we could kick it around for a little bit. Upon arriving they all stopped what they were doing and headed over to the field right near the washing area. It was about 10 on 10 with around 20 on the sidelines looking on. I have a knee injury so I sat out. I was able to share Christ with the ones on the sidelines while Richard goal tended for the “shirts” team.

As I was looking out over the field I thought of the freedom that this children must feel. For this hour or so they don’t have to think about cars to wash, how they are going to get money for some little food to eat, not being in school, etc. They are free. They are just being kids, playing futbol, laughing and jumping and…being kids!! It was great to see this. Now, I could’ve just had them experience that freedom and take the ball and go home. But how could I leave them knowing physical freedom without being told again about spiritual freedom as well. How much more important is it for these children to know about freedom from sin and freedom in Christ?!? I have shared Christ with these children several times before, but there were definitely some that hadn’t heard it. I told Okello, one of the boys that the rest look up to, to gather all of the boys because I had something to share with them. They all came and sat down in front of me. Let me say that this may not seem like much to you, but to me and to Richard who was there it meant a lot. These street children, orphaned boys between the ages of 10 and 19 were sitting quietly in front of me as I shared about Christ and what He has done in my life. In the US it is hard to get children this age to sit still and they don’t have these hard life issues that these boys do here. After sharing with them Richard and I left by shaking each children’s hand saying “Lubanga mediguum medit!” Lord bless you abundantly. It was a great day!

Please continue to pray for these street children and for me as I continue to share Christ with them.

I thank you all for your prayers and support of this ministry. Lord bless you all!!

Til the nets are full,
Adam Hussey

Rubber Bands

April 11, 2008









I’ve heard it said that being in missions is likened to that of a rubber band. Actually, it was my director Jerry Bingham that told me this. Let me give you a fun activity to do so that we are on the same page henceforth. Take a rubber band, not an overly large one (unless you have hands like a bunch of bananas or something), and try to put the rubber band over your hand and onto your wrist without stretching the rubber band…. how did you do? I know the answer because I tried it about 30 seconds ago. It didn’t go over to well…no pun intended. The rubber band would be useless unless you stretch it. It is ineffective unless one uses it for the reason it was invented. Let me share something that happened to me today so I can really hit this home.

Upon arriving at the ACTION office this morning I was asked if I would be willing to drive Justin (Children’s ministry worker) to the local hospital to pick up an elderly woman from his church. After asking a few questions about her I found out that she was about 70 years old, a diabetic and that I was to take her home so that she could be with her family when she passed away. It was only a matter of time Justin told me. We pulled into the hospital drive way and proceeded to the wing that she was in. I want to interject at this point that I really have a hard time with hospitals. So much so that when my father would come home with leftovers from his hospice meetings I was unable to pull myself together enough to take one single bite. The hospitals in the US compared to this Gulu, free care hospital looked like the Ritz. Here is where the stretching part comes in. I walk into the hospital wing and am punched in the face with an assortment of smells and sights. I ask the Lord to give me strength to do this. I know I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength (Philippians 4:13). He grants this to me and I proceed inside to help Justin and his pastor with this woman. She is put into the car and we are off. The roads were bumpy, rough, and filled with puddles. It felt like an eternity going from the hospital to her house. She never spoke, her eyes never opened and her head was going from side to side with each and every bump. Her granddaughter was in the way back trying to hold back tears, but failing to do so. No one ever said a word. Every person we passed stopped walking or biking and followed our vehicle with their eyes until we were out of their sight. We approached her house and carried her into her small hut at which time several other elderly ladies came and entered the hut to pray and cry with the granddaughter. We left.

I share this with you because if you are not being stretched you will never know the Christ giving strength that He grants to those who are His and who are obedient to Him. I am so thankful that He gave me the strength to stretch and help this woman out. My director also told me that when you stretch a rubber band too far it would break. I have also tried this and it works! He went on to tell me that if you stretch yourself too far you would break. It’s not God who stretches you to that point, it’s you! The bible says that God will never give you more than you can handle. I am thankful that God allowed me to experience this stretching today and to know full well that He follows through with what He says.

Are you being stretched? Have you stretched yourself too far? Ask God to give you opportunities that stretch you so that you may take part in what awesome things He has for you. Remember a rubber band is ineffective unless it is stretched. But also remember that its also ineffective if its stretched too far.

The Lord bless you. I pray for you all that you may know the power that is in Christ and the joy that is found in serving Him.

Til the nets are full,
Adam Hussey
PO Box 656
Gulu, Uganda
East Africa

Home of Love Easter

April 7, 2008

Choosing Christ…

March 25, 2008

I am sitting here reflecting on my relationship with Christ and I had such a great time doing so that I wanted to share a little about what I reflected on. First of all being here in Gulu is so great because I know that it’s God’s will for my life at this point in time. I know full well that He has called me here for a purpose. When I was in Kampala almost  two years ago I really felt a pull to stay in Uganda longer, but I didn’t follow that leading and instead chose my own route. The time after that up until I came back here 5 months ago I still really felt that pull that I needed to be back in Uganda. I knew that God had something for me here. I was reflecting on those things. I am learning so much about who God is and who I am in Christ. I am loving how much knowledge I am gaining from the wise men and women of God that are surrounding me. I am also growing emotionally. I am healing and renewing my mind through God’s word and through spending time alone with Him. I would challenge all of you reading this to spend time with God, as much as you can. I have really felt that God has been taking my past attitudes and feelings and molding them and shaping them more into what He would want them to be rather than what I would want them to be. Again, I challenge you to put God’s will before yours (trust me it’s hard but so so worth it). I am so glad that Christ has given me a peace about a lot of things in my life. The way that I am dealing with life’s ups and downs really show me that He is doing a mighty work in my life. I praise Him for that. The way that I respond to things that I don’t expect or may not have thought about,
God has allowed me to deal with them full of grace and understanding. Again, I praise Him for that.

I wanted to share with you these things in hopes that you may be encouraged to follow Christ and to submit your life and everything you say and do to Him. He knows best. One big thing for me lately is being totally satisfied and content with where God has me. It is an amazing thing when you find your contentment in Christ and nowhere else. I haven’t felt that in a long while. I used to put my contentment in other things and other people. But the freeing thing is putting yourself in a position where you find your completely satisfied in your walk with Christ and nothing else can compare to that.

Praise God for His discipline, love, truth, and the wisdom that He grants to those who submit.

“But as for you, O man of God, flee these things. Pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, steadfastness, gentleness.  Fight the good fight of the faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called and about which you made the good confession in the presence of many witnesses.” 1 Timothy 6:11,12.

If we put our hope in Christ we will have a joy filled God honoring life. Choose Christ that you may live…

Lord bless you all.

til the nets are full,
Adam Hussey

It’s been a while…

March 13, 2008
Dear family and friends,
First of all let me apologize for not keeping you informed about what has been going on the last month or so. I ended my orientation here so that put a little bit more into my daily and weekly schedule. Youth for Truth is going very well. We are visiting 2 schools a week with follow-up to each of these schools several days after we minister there. God is using me in this ministry as well as the other pastors that I visit the schools with. It’s quite the harvest here and people are hungry for truth and for growing in their walk with Christ. So praise Jesus for that!!
The other missionary on our team, Angie, was broken into two weeks ago. The thiefs broke a bar off from her window and climbed in WHILE SHE WAS HOME!!! It was about 1 am so she was asleep. They took a few things one being her laptop. The laptop itself is replaceable but the information inside was precious. She had been working on a lot of language material for ACTION Gulu, so she will have to start some of that from scratch again. Thankfully she was not harmed in any way. The people have said that thiefs here usually kill when they rob a house. So praise God for His protection over Angie’s life! God isn’t done using her yet for sure!
Also, my internet has been down here for the last 11 days so emailing and blogging had pretty much come to a halt because of that. Internet is back on and working well now though (knocks on wood).
I had a friend named Josh from the US come visit. He is my youth pastors older brother. Most of you know Isaac Rattin and his brother Josh. Josh and his wife are thinking of becoming full-time missionaries and are looking into where they would want to serve. He wanted to come and check out ACTION Gulu and see what the ministry is like here. It was so encouraging to see him and spend a day with him. It was a quick visit but well worth it! Please pray for Josh and his wife Abby as they pursue God’s will for their future.
I pray daily for you all. I am so thankful that He has given me such a strong supporting church and family. I love you all and will write again soon. I promise 🙂
til the nets are full,
Adam Hussey

Ministry Update

February 12, 2008

Dear Family and Friends,

Things are going so well here in Gulu. The leaders of the Youth For Truth Ministry are meeting weekly now to discuss plans on how to reach all of the schools in Gulu for Christ. We are holding another meeting tomorrow to discuss mobilizing student leaders in a few schools that we will minister to this month. We are excited at this opportunity to share Christ in these schools and let them know that there is hope, love and truth out there. Within the next two to three years we want to share the Gospel in all of the schools in Gulu. This includes elementary, Jr. High, Sr. High and University level schools. We believe God for big things! Please pray with us that this will happen for the Glory of God the Father!

We have written a brief statement of what this ministry is. “Youth For Truth” seeks to minister God’s word to students and conduct discipleship classes, address moral issues including HIV/AIDS and sexuality, Christian leadership development and video ministry with the students, especially Scripture Union.

As a part of this ministry we will be showing videos as a way to evangelize, train and equip these students. ACTION already has a PA system, mixing board, speakers, and a screen. We will use these materials to share Christ with these students. As most of you already know I graduated from College with a degree in Communication Studies. Part of my schooling dealt with videography, and video editing. I believe God had me learn these things to prepare me for this ministry. As I have this ability to do these things I am in need of a few items to help assist me in this endeavor. I have purchased a camera and editing software, which will be used to film and edit the movies, we will be creating. Along with the camera and software I still need a few more items. I am trusting God to supply $5000 dollars which would cover the expenses of the rest of the items. Along with using this in the schools to show the students I will be able to film a new updated documentary of ACTION Gulu, promo videos that will encourage short-term and long-term missionaries to come serve here in Gulu, and also to film each of our ministries individually and highlight their specific needs. This material is much needed and will be a huge blessing to this ministry. Would you please pray about being involved in this special project? I would ask that you consider partnering with us in this video ministry.

If you are able to give to this special project please send donations to Action International Ministries, PO Box 398, Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043. Please add a note that specifies that it is a donation for the “Video Special Project.”

I am aware that there are so many ministries and things to donate to. I would greatly appreciate any help that you may be able to offer this ministry. Thank you so much.

Til the nets are full,

Adam Hussey

Youth for Truth Seminar

February 2, 2008

I want to thank all of you who were praying today for the Youth for Truth seminar. We had a great turnout of over 250 people. There was preaching, singing, praying, eating, and of course futbol (soccer) to end the day. The leaders of this ministry were very encouraged at the response from the students and the student leaders. We are looking forward to working with them and with their schools in the months to come. We will now shift our focus to planning out how we will be most effective within the schools around Gulu. The leaders of Youth for Truth will meet this week where we will discuss schools to visit, write letters to headmasters and principles, and plan out how to implement the Holland Congregational Church discipleship material within the schools. We are also going to meet with several men who have since graduated from secondary school and are interested in becoming a leader of this ministry. We will meet with them individually and have them share their testimony and walk with Christ. Upon approval from our leaders we will then begin to disciple, mentor and train these chosen ones in good biblical truths allowing them to better serve Christ and the students within the schools.

We praise God for today and what He has done. Continue to pray with us here at ACTION that God would continue to raise up leaders who will be willing to serve within the schools and that God would raise up student leaders who will begin to implement solid biblical bible studies with their own peers at their schools.

Thank you for your prayer support of this ministry. The Lord bless you!

Til the nets are full,

Adam Hussey