Youth for Truth

February 1, 2008

Well this weekend is going to be a good one!! I have started a new ministry here at ACTION reaching out to secondary schools. Together with four other men we are going forth and will begin ministering to the schools in the upcoming weeks.

Tomorrow, February 2, we will be having a “Youth For Truth” seminar. We sent out letters to over 50 pastors within the Gulu municipality and have even put an advertisement on one of the local radio stations. This past Monday I was on the radio at this station from 6:30am-7am. I had the opportunity to personally invite all secondary aged students around Gulu to this seminar. We put together a registration sheet so that we know their name, age, school they attend and the church they attend. We have received quite a few names already. We are really expecting a large gathering of both youth and pastors. I was looking through some of the registration sheets today and noticed that some of the churches that these students attend are not churches, but rather mosques. Students from the local mosque right down the street from ACTION are signing up to come to the seminar as well! Praise God. Believe me, they are most welcome because they will be able to hear the truth of the word of God on Saturday. Please pray with me that the students and pastors that attend will catch the vision that we here at ACTION have for this new ministry and that those who come who don’t know Christ will leave knowing the truth and trusting in Christ. Pray also that those who are saved will be encouraged through the seminar. This is a very important ministry and a first of its kind in Gulu.

Thank you for your prayers and support. I will post pictures from the seminar for you to see what God has done.

Til the nets are full,
Adam Hussey


They Love Pictures

January 28, 2008

I got a package today from my mother and one of the items inside was a card with a bunch of pictures that were taken of my family at Christmas time. I immediately began showing all of the staff in the office then proceeded to our Home of Love Orphanage to share them with the children there. They loved them. I took a nice picture of a bunch of the children sitting around looking them over. They literally took about 5 minutes per picture. They pointed at every item in them. Each candle in my living room, the couches, my families clothes. They especially loved repeating my family members names after me. They got stuck most on my cousin Ariel.

Please continue to pray for these children as they will start school again soon. Pray that they would stay healthy and that God would continue to raise them up as young men and women of Him.

til the nets are full,
Adam Hussey

PS I am also putting in a picture of Alan from our orphanage, because he is extremely cute!




January 17, 2008

Well it has been a long time since my last entry. Sorry to keep you all in so much suspense!! haha. I have been in Kampala for the last 11 days. I went down to visit friends and get some medical attention. I was diagnosed with severe pneumonia which I treated while down in Kampala. I am now back up in Gulu and on the mend. Having pneumonia here is difficult because it could flare back up again if I am not careful. So I have been resting and taking it easy for a few days. I hope to be back in full swing soon!

-Please pray for my health and that God would heal me completely and quickly.
-Pray for the ACTION team here. We are all getting along so well and are excited at what God is doing here in Gulu.

I have had the opportunity to start a new ministry while here. Ministering to the youth at various secondary schools around Gulu. There are many and we are now in developmental stages on how to approach this ministry. Dominic Idro, an Acholi ACTION worker, is helping with this ministry as well. Also there are a few others that will be working with me in this ministry. The headmasters at these schools told us that they want the children to have time daily for bible studies, evangelism, worship etc. So we are taking the opportunity to see this happen by God’s grace. We will be implementing the Holland Congregational Church discipleship booklets to mentor and raise up the student leaders that God gives us to work with at these various schools. We will be training a team of children to perform drama’s at these schools, have a time of worship and prayer, preaching, evangelism and outreach, and bible studies. We here at ACTION Gulu are excited at this new opportunity that God has given us to reach out to this generation. The name for this is Youth for Truth. God gave me the name as I was praying over this ministry.

Please pray that God would provide finances for this ministry, student leaders who we can disciple and raise up to work with their peers, endurance and strength as we minister on the school grounds, and for the gospel to spread among this area!

 I praise God for those of you who support me. I am so grateful and blessed to know each and every one of you.

 til the nets are full,
Adam Hussey

Road Trip

December 30, 2007

I am preparing to head to Kampala (Uganda Capital) for a week or so. I will be leaving Gulu this Tuesday. Please pray for my travel because it’s fairly dangerous traveling overland here. The busses go about 80 miles an hour on road that are very sub par. Also please pray for New Years Eve. Here in Gulu they celebrate New Years Eve by screaming extremely loud. They believe that they are screaming the demons out of the villages. It’s a bunch of nonsense. Please pray for the teams safety here. We are not planning on going out at all that night, but still just pray that noone would try and jump our wall and get into our place.

 As always I am excited about what God is doing here in Gulu. I praise Him for all that He has done and for all that He is going to do in the future. Lord Bless you.

 til the nets are full,
Adam Hussey

Joy Joy Joy

December 27, 2007

There is no greater joy than knowing that you are where God wants you to be doing what God wants you to be doing!! There is a peace which transcends all understanding when you are in God’s will. That is something that has kept me going this Christmas season. Trusting that this is where God has me for this season of my life. Being obedient to Him in all things even if it seems hard or impossible. With God ALL things are possible!

Christmas was great! Angie and I spent Christmas Eve, Christmas day and the day after Christmas with Jerry and Candis. There were also 5 children from our orphanage there as well that slept over Jerry and Candis’s house. They didn’t have any guardians to spend Christmas with so we had them over. It was so great getting to know these 5 children better. Two of the children are Joseph Kony’s kids. One girl 5 years old named Fortuma, and one boy 11 years old named Otim. It’s great knowing that we have the opportunity to invest time into these young children. It’s so crucial at this young of an age to share Christ with them and the Hope and Joy that is in Him!!

I hope that you all had a great Christmas and I hope that you have a wonderful New Year!! Time seems to be flying by here. I try not to blink because I just might miss it!! Praise God for His faithfulness and for supplying all of my needs according to HIS glorious riches in Christ Jesus! Amen? Amen!!

I thank you all for your prayers and your support. May God bless you and keep you.

 Until the nets are full,
Adam Hussey

End of 2007

December 24, 2007

Well it’s the end of another year and I am so excited to see what God has in store for 2008!! Much has been happening here in Gulu during the last two months that I’ve been here. As you have seen and read in my blogs, I have been learning a lot about missions, God, and myself during this time.  I have learned that missions is not a one-man show. Missions consists of a prayer and support team, fellow on-the-field laborers, and a close walk with Christ. I am thankful to have such great supporters in all of these areas and so blessed that Christ has redeemed me!

I want to share with you something that I have been learning about myself lately. Some of you know me well enough to know that I have struggled with patience in the past and heeding instruction, especially from wise men and women of God. This disobedient, impatient attitude and mindset would always put me in a place where I shouldn’t have been. I have had my share of hard times and trials where I have felt my walk with God stretched and pulled. However, I want to share with you the power of prayer and the power that is in a strong relationship with Christ.

First of all I have truly seen that having a close walk with Christ is above all else important in one’s life. You miss this and you will have hardship after hardship. When you are in God’s word daily and seeking His face in prayer daily you will begin to feel as if there is a power at work in you that will take you through anything. Now don’t think for one second that this power is from YOU. It’s from CHRIST in you that breeds this power. When I am in His word daily my heart begins to beat alongside God’s. I begin to submit to His loving authority and heed His beautiful call for my life. I am now in Gulu, Uganda because I was obedient to God’s call on my life to come here and serve Him. This obedience wasn’t as a result of my own heart saying that it would be a great time and a great vacation, but rather it was as a result of me recognizing God’s purpose and plan for this part of my life. All this was because I was in His word and submitting myself daily to Him. Through the experiences of my past I have now reached a place in my walk with Christ where I am steadfast, immovable, and firmly grounded on Christ and His will for my life. What a glorious, freeing thing that it is to be in this place. Walking daily by faith in Christ. Trusting Him completely in all things. Awesome!! Such a joy!

I have had a great time here in Gulu thus far learning about missions and what it means to serve. Serve…a word that makes the flesh cringe when it falls upon our ears. But wasn’t it Christ Himself that said, “I have come not to be served, but to serve”? (Matthew 20:28) So it is bringing me such joy to serve the Acholi people. I am seeing God move in powerful ways. I am experiencing the pain of not being with family during the Christmas Season. I am experiencing occasional sicknesses. I am experiencing sporadic trials and struggles. And yet through all of these things I rejoice with James when he said, “Count it all JOY, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds” (James 1:2). How awesome it is to say “I will count these trials and struggles as joy because God is at work in me and He will be glorified through all that I do and say!!” Praise God that He has given me the strength to endure all things (Philippians 4:13).

It is my prayer that you will find the JOY that is in following Christ wherever He may lead you and that you will trust completely in Him through it.

Thank you for your prayers and your support. May God bless you during this Christmas Season.

Til the nets are full,

Adam Hussey 

The First Christmas Tree

December 21, 2007

Based on a true story that happened about 724 A.D.


About 1200 years ago an English missionary named Winfrid tramped through the forests of what is now Germany, preaching about Jesus and telling the people to stop their pagan worship. It had been a bad year for the residents of that area. Plagues had killed many people. Bad storms had ruined crops. The heathen priests decided that Odin, the false god they worshipped, had to be appeased. They chose a young boy to offer as a human sacrifice. In the dark of midnight the heathen priests gathered in the forest by a huge oak tree they thought was sacred. Just as they raised the knife to kill the terrified boy, a voice rang out, “Stop in the name of Jesus Christ.” Winfrid and six of his followers stepped into the clearing by the great oak tree. Ignoring the angry threats of the priests, Winfrid sank his axe deep into the oak tree. Again and again the missionary’s axe flew, until the great tree crashed to the forest floor. The terrified priests and tribesman waited—but nothing happened. They expected their gods to punish this newcomer who had chopped down their sacred tree. Silence fell over the forest as the people realized their gods were powerless after all. Then Winfrid stepped forward and started to tell about the one true God and His Son, Jesus. The people listened, and believed! Then, where the mighty oak had fallen, Winfrid planted a young fir tree. The evergreen he explained was a symbol of God’s everlasting love. Today Christians all over the world decorate fir trees at Christmastime to celebrate the birth of the Savior whose love banished fear and superstition and whose life is forever!

Is it really Christmas?

December 16, 2007

Well, I must say that it is extremely different being in Africa during the Christmas season. As obvious as it may be there are many factors to this feeling. First of all I come from a state that at this point in time is around 25-40 degrees during the day, give or take a few degrees. Here in Gulu, Uganda it’s between 90 and 100 degrees during the day, give or take a few degrees. Secondly, in America Christmas is advertised so much that you really are aware that this is the Christmas season. Every building, person, home, etc, just says “Christmas.” Here in Uganda there isn’t so much commercialization of this holiday. The people celebrate it here for the most part, but it’s nowhere near as commercialized as the US. Thirdly, I am not with my family. This is the first time in my entire 24 years on this earth that I haven’t been home during Christmas. It is quite a change to say the least. Along with these differences we here at ACTION Gulu have spent the last couple of weeks ministering to children around the area. We have held Christmas parties for children in IDP camps (Internal Displaced Persons), in schools with deaf, blind and mentally handicapped classrooms, as well as parties here at our office. We have ministered to over 2000 children during this time. We have presented the Gospel to these children, handed out food, sang songs, played sports, and watched them as they were ministered to by the Holy Spirit. What an awesome thing it is to be a part of what God is doing here in Gulu in the lives of these children.


I have already posted up pictures of our time in the school. This past Saturday we visited an IDP camp in Lalogi where we held a Christmas Party for over 500 children. We were able to spend the entire day ministering to them in word and deed. As I was playing soccer with some of these children, I noticed some open sores on some of their legs. As the flies kept gathering around the dirt filled sores, I was moved to a state of truly being thankful to God for the health that He has given me. It is impossible to be in a place such as the one that I am in and not be changed. Through all of the experiences that I am having here in Gulu my life will forever be changed. I once battled with a lack of patience, but now God has been working on this area in my life and will continue to do so throughout my time here. I have battled with not being truly content in my position in life, in regards to many things such as material objects, and relationships. At this point in time I am truly content where I am at knowing that God has me here and that it is His will for this season of my life that I am where I am at doing what I am doing. I know without a shadow of a doubt that it is for God’s glory and my good that I suffer here, am challenged here, built up here, and transformed here in and through Christ. Praise God!!


Also, on Monday we held a Christmas party for the “Victory Kids.” This is a ministry of ACTION Gulu to children who have been tested positive for HIV/Aids. It was sobering to see these children as they looked so happy and in good health, however beneath that you realize that they are sick and that they battle this disease on a daily basis. I was told that they need to take one pill everyday for the rest of their lives. The pills used to cost a hefty amount, however now they are given out free of charge. The only obstacle that these children face is getting to the place that distributes these pills. One of these Victory Kids had quite the story. When she was 10 years old she visited her Aunt who was dying of Aids and her Aunt cut her and infected her with the disease. The girl said that her Aunt did this because she was jealous that she was in good health but for her she was dying. So now, at 15 years of age she struggles daily with this disease as well. She has no family to take care of her except an Uncle who gave her a hut to stay in. The only food she eats is what World Vision (NGO in Gulu) rations out to her a few times a week. Hearing this story right from her was a very sobering thing. We often hear on the news about people suffering with Aids or we see those commercials on TV that talk about sponsoring a child with Aids, etc. but seeing this young girl first hand in person and knowing the burden that she has to carry daily was very moving. Please pray for this young girl as she struggles with this disease and the daily search for nourishment. Please also pray that our time with her will increase her desire to know Christ in a powerful way and to completely put her trust in Him for all of her needs.


Friday, we had another Christmas party for the neighborhood Children’s Clubs that ACTION ministers to on a regular basis. We were expecting around 400 children, but there ended up being well over 500! Praise God!! It was a long, but good day. We shared the Gospel with each of the children, handed out food, sang worship songs, and colored pictures. Please pray for all of the children that we ministered to during this Christmas season. Pray that God would use these children in the lives of their parents and family members. That the truth of Christ would spread throughout this area. This area is in such desperate need of Christ and the healing power that comes only from Him. Would you partner with us in prayer? Praise God for your willingness to be a part of the work that God is doing here in Gulu. To Him be all Glory, Honor and Praise!!


Yesterday, Saturday, we had our ACTION staff Christmas party. It was a great time of worship, dramas, and fellowship. Isn’t the fellowship with other believers so precious? I wouldn’t ever want to be a lone ranger in this life. I love the fellowship. Also the children from the Home of Love Orphanage joined us. They performed a great drama presentation on the Christmas story. It was great to see these little children act out this great story of Christ’s birth. Please continue to pray for these children. For their health both physically and spiritually. That they may grow up trusting completely in the Lord God and walking in His ways. Also pray for the staff here that they may continue strong in the Lord. And for the missionaries here with me, Jerry and Candis Bingham, William and Gerry John, and Angie Lauer. That we may continue to press on in Christ and the strength that only comes from Him!!


I wanted to also let you know of an opportunity that some of you might be interested in. Some of you have asked if I can receive packages. The answer is YES YES YES!! Angie’s sister sent her a package that arrived about 1 month and three weeks after it was sent, but it made it!!! Praise God for that! So if you would like to send a package please feel free to do so. Her sister sent a one-pound package. Please don’t put insurance on it. Label it as a ‘gift.’ Put no value on the contents. Send it to this address:


Action International Ministries

Adam Hussey

PO Box 656

Gulu, Uganda


I thought that this might be a great thing for families to do together. As your children are praying for Gulu and this ministry you can pack up a few things and send them along. Here are some things that you could send.


-Batteries (AA, AAA)

-Propel drink packets

-Emergen-C drink packets

-Pictures of you and your family that I could put in my apartment


-DVD Movies (nothing vulgar or obscene please)

The sky is the limit! Actually 1 pound is the limit, but you get the idea.


I thank God for each and every one of you. You mean so much to me. There are times during the day where I can actually feel your prayers. I know that there are prayer warriors our there praying for me, and the rest of the ACTION staff here in Gulu. Thank you.


Until the nets are full

Adam Hussey





Off to Prison…

December 6, 2007

No, not me! Today I went with the Men’s Ministry to a local prison here in Gulu where ACTION goes to minister once a week. Let me tell you, what a difference than US prisons, as you may have already guessed. It was a great experience. Not once did I ever feel scared or that I would be harmed in any way. We got there around 10am where about 75 gathered in a small room. They had a worship band that played thier local harp instruments and sang for about 30 minutes. Then Peter from ACTION gave the message. That lasted maybe one hour or so. Then more singing, and prayer to finish. We talked with one man who is the normal worship leader there, but today he didn’t lead. He told us that his father had died yesterday. 5 years ago there was a fight about his families land and another man. The man ended up being killed, so they put this guys family all in prison, all eight of them. They are awaiting thier trial, which he hopes will be in February. So, the entire family is in prison but not knowing if they are convicted of the actual crime yet. Things take a while to process apparently. Pretty crazy story. So pray for this young man and his family as they mourn thier fathers death, and for thier upcoming court date that there may be justice if that word even means anything in the court system here.

That I may decrease and Christ may Increase

December 6, 2007

When I am weak, then I am strong…


2 Corinthians 12:9-10 we see the Apostle Paul struggling with a thorn in his flesh. He is pleading with God to take it away from him, but He doesn’t. Instead God tells Paul, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in your weakness.” Have you ever felt like Paul? Has God ever given you this answer when you plead for healing and deliverance? He has to me. I have said it before but I shall say it again. This land is both dry physically and spiritually. Since I have been here I have had such a desire to know this God whom I am here to serve. I want to know Him. When God spoke to Paul on the road to Damascus in Acts chapter 9, Paul asked, “Who are you Lord?” It is my desire as well more now than ever to inquire upon the Lord, who are you? That I might know God and be known by Him.


I have struggled with many things in my life. They have taken me down roads in which I ought not have gone. I have had many Israel moments in my life. Maybe you can identify with me on that. Knowing how awesome God is and His promises, (2 Corinthians 1:20-22), but yet still holding out hope that there may be something better that this world can offer. That is a lie of the highest regard. There is nothing more awesome, or magnificent than to know Christ and the God of Heaven and Earth. Nothing. Still, in moments of weakness, and trials and tribulations, my flesh gives way to the temporary, fleeting pleasures of this world. A struggle I believe we will have until we are home with Christ.


Since being here in Gulu I have been sick two different times, battled rashes and allergic reactions, battled loneliness, homesickness, and depression. Now what I don’t want is my team here in Gulu to read this and say to themselves, “I had no idea, how foolish of me,” because you have been so gracious to me since I have been here, and a constant support of me the entire time. This is just me sharing some of my struggles and trials with people who I think need to hear the bad with the good. I believe it’s a part of how we can learn from one another.


In Gulu it is really quite difficult to be out late at night, actually after the sun goes down is when you really should be making for home. It is incredibly hard to see at night here, due to the color of the people’s skin, the dust, lack of headlight usage, electricity being out, no streetlights, etc. So we are usually back in our apartments by 6 or 6:30pm at the latest. After dinner it’s usually time for pondering the days activities, praying, reading, etc. Also during this time my mind seems to wander. I begin to ponder a little to deeply about things. Have you ever been there? There are those moments of pondering then there are the moments beyond pondering which usually breed useless thoughts that lead to worry or anxiety. I think of home, how long I will be in Gulu, my place here within the ministry, etc. Would you please pray that God would clear my mind of these things and that I may pursue Him without distraction? Also a lot of other unspoken things that are going on in my life as well. Would you pray that I would trust completely in God’s timing and not to move in any way unless the Lord makes it 100% clear? That I would trust His timing and not rely on mine? I would be so blessed by your prayers. Thank you so much.


I am so thankful to be so young and be serving God in the way that I am. There is nothing better than knowing that you are answering God’s call for your life. Being where you are supposed to be, learning and growing exponentially in the grace and the knowledge of Christ. There are so many things that we have yet to learn and know about God, and even at the end of our days we wouldn’t have touched even the tip of the iceberg. May it be our desire to continue to learn from His word and be obedient to His call for our lives. I know that it is in moments of weakness and hardships that my relationship with God is strengthened because I turn to Him as my strength and I cling to Him in the storms of life.


For those of you who know Christ as your savior I pray that you are encouraged as you seek Christ daily and learn more about His awe-inspiring, divine love, truth and grace.


For those of you who do not know Christ and who may be searching for truth, let me tell you that truth is out there, and it’s in Christ, and it can be found in God’s word. When you seek you shall find. And when you seek God you will find the truth.


I pray Ephesians 3:14-19 for each of you:

“For this reason I bow my knees before the Father, from whom every family in heaven and on earth is named, that according to the riches of his glory he may grant you to be strengthened with power through his Spirit in your inner being, so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith—that you, being rooted and grounded in love, may have strength to comprehend with all the saints what is the breadth and length and height and depth, and to know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge, that you may be filled with all the fullness of God.” 

Until the nets are full,

Adam Hussey